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Known as “Gold” in the meat industry because of its high commercial value. Sold as steak and also used in joints for “Beef Wellington”, fillet wrapped in a delicate pastry. Beef fillet is extremely tender and can be cooked using various methods. The tail of the fillet is perfect for Beef Stroganoff.


The Rib Eye Steak perfect for the barbecue open flame grill. Evenly marbled delivers fantastic flavour and succulence.

Beef Rump is extremely versatile excellent as a grilling or frying steak and a natural bark fat adds to flavour. Ideal for those that enjoy a large steak, also a great alternate to a topside joint You can grill, fry or barbecue as a steak. It’s delicately marbled with a slight natural bark fat. Delivers succulent distinct flavour every time. The great all-rounder steak. Try it as a joint for that special family occasion.

The great British Roasting Joint. Always tender, lean and easy to carve. The slight cover of fat helps to keep the meat moist when roasting and adds to the flavour of the beef and gravy. Topside can also be cut into super lean Escalope Steaks the excellent choice for the calorie counter or speedy flash fry for a Beef Baguette.


The brother of the Topside, but has a slightly different grain and texture. Extremely lean and requires additional fat for roasting. Seam butchery can segregate sections that make excellent super lean tender frying steaks. It’s the perfect choice for a lean dice, excellent when used in a curry.The Silverside has a grain of meat that’s quite unique. The meat fibres are coarser than topside but deliver a full flavour and are beautifully tender when the joint is gently roasted. Requires additional fat or slow roasted in a moist heat. Very easy to carve without meat breaking apart.

salmon and flats

The Salmon and the Flat is the Silverside split into two through the natural seam. The Flat having an almost grainy texture that is brilliant for joints or dice. The Salmon cut has a finer grain and sliced thinly is excellent for minute flash fry steak that fit perfect in a bread bap. The perfect alternative to a burger.

The Chuck is excellent for Braising steaks, joints and stewing steak. It’s full of flavour, excellent for lean once steak and gourmet burgers. The Chuck can also be seam butchered and all fat and membranes removed ready for dice production. The thick top muscle or under blade can be used for producing the popular Denver.

The Chuck Tender can be used for a super lean braising steak or dice it has a soft texture and full flavour. The Feather Steak gets its name from its feather like appearance. The centre of the steak has a translucent gristle spine with meat fibers running in parallel from the spin that looks like a feather. When gently fried or braised the centre gristle becomes very soft like gelatin. This steak is very tender with an amazing unique beefy flavour. This muscle can be seam butchered to produce the popular Flat Iron Steak.

The LMC stands for “Leg of Mutton Cut”. The name refers to its shape. This cut of meat is excellent for frying steaks, roasting joints and dice. Cut into strips its the perfect choice for Beef Stir Fry



The Rib of Beef cooked on the bone or boneless for ease of carving. Its flavour is amazing helped by natural marbling and outer fatter cover. Looks great served on the bone for that special occasion.

The Brisket boned and rolled pot roasted or slow moist roasted on the bone delivers a strong beefy flavour and can also be cured to make Pastrami. The Brisket also has a unique flavour when cured and smoked.


Like the Brisket the Flat Rib or Jacobs’ Ladder can be boned and rolled or slow roasted on the bone delivering a unique flavour. Short Ribs cooked in clay pots on the bone is an amazing eating experience. The rib meat is sometimes referred to as beefy and sweet.



The Brisket boned and rolled pot roasted or slow moist roasted on the bone delivers a strong beefy flavour and can also be cured to make Pastrami. The Brisket also has a unique flavour when cured and smoked.

f3The Goose Skirt is a pear shaped cut of meat that is removed from the flank. It’s super lean and has a tight almost stringy type grain. It requires braising and it becomes beautifully tender and flavoursome.


Like the goose skirt the Bavette Skirt is removed from the flank. It has a very loose coarse grain with some marbling present. When cooked its succulent with a very soft texture. It’s excellent cut as thick braising steak or diced for cooking in a chunky steak pie.



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