The Best of Pork from our Farmers

1) The shoulder joints a
re used for the more practical dishes. The most common is a rolled roasting joint but it is also used for dicing and for making into leaner pork sausages.

2) The pork loin is where we get what is considered the best roasting joint but it is also where we cut the chops from and also the pork fillet.

3) The belly is quite a rich cut but being absolutely delicious as a result! Traditionally the belly was made into sausages and mince, however in recent years it has been mixed with shoulder to make it leaner and therefore integrate with current tastes. The rib bones in the belly are known as ‘spare ribs’ and are great for BBQ’s.

4) The pork leg again is reasonably distinct and is used to cut steaks as well as both bone in and rolled joints

Primal cuts of meat


Pork loin






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