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Full Steak Meat / Roasting Hand Select

Isle of Man Meats have just invested in a dedicated chiller with a temperature regime designed for Dry Ageing Beef. We will be Dry Ageing Beef under any duration defined by our customers. We will be Dry Ageing Whole Steak Meats / Roasting to order. This cut of meat contains all the expensive steak meats.

  • Whole Fillet
  • Rump
  • Sirloin
  • Rib

We will hand select all Beef for the range with particular attention to a good finish and good distribution of marbling. Grades will usually be between R4L and R4H. The grade alone will not mean automatic selection. The average weight will be approx. 35 Kg.

Please call us for details: 01624 614026



Cooked Beef fillet                    Braised Beef ribs                    Roasted Beef rump


What is Manx Premium Select Beef?

Manx Premium Select Beef is produced to deliver the very best beef eating experience. The geographical nature of the Isle of Man means livestock travel very short stress free journeys to the plant. We know all our farmers on the Island ensuring traceability and quality control second to none.  Beef selected is farm assured from the high quality end of the grade grid with no grade less than an O plus being used. Typical carcase weight being between 260 kg to 360 kg ensuring continuity in primal size. We use no young bulls in the Manx Premium Select and all cattle are under 30 months of age.

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               Graham Watterson                  Ean Parson & Sons        Michael & Walter Kinvig


Dry Ageing Beef

We have a new purpose built Dry Ageing Beef Chiller and have the capability to Dry Age Beef to any specification required by our customers.

Low voltage stimulation to enhance the maturation process and prevent cold muscle shortening.

Beef carcases are held at 10C for the first 10 hours to further promote the maturation process and eliminate cold muscle shortening.

After 24 hours PH levels will be checked and recorded for all carcases intended for Manx Premium Select Beef. Only carcases with a perfect PH level will be used for Manx Premium Select.



Traceability Reports

Every primal pack will have a batch ID attached so customers can log onto our new website and produce a traceability report for their clients.

The Benefits of Manx Premium Select Beef:

Produced to deliver an excellent Beef Eating Experience for your customers.

1. High trim specifications delivering higher yields

2. Traceability and Province for consumer confidence

3. Repeat business built on quality and value for money

Custom Butchery Specification

Even though the generic specification for Manx Premium Select Beef is very high we can custom develop specialist’s specifications for customer’s individual requirements.

Excellent Yields

The butchery trimming specification for Manx Premium Select is very high and geared towards the highest yields possible from a primal cut straight from the pack.

Note from the Plant

Beef has always been an expensive luxury item for any family. Poor quality eating experience immediately represents bad value for money. We have geared our whole production and selection process so it’s not only by chance Manx Premium Select Beef delivers an

“Excellent Beef Eating Experience”.


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