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All producers/suppliers are welcome on site to view the slaughter, weighing and grading of own stock prior arrangement.

About Us



Isle of Man Meats has been at the heart of meat production on the Island for more than 80 years formally set-up as the Meat and Dairy Marketing Organisation in 1934 . It has been on its present site at Ballafletcher Road, Tromode for 20 years. The Isle of Man Government owned facility is run by Miles Macpherson who sets the operational and marketing strategy of the business. This is overseen by the board of directors and government specialists. The building is a three species plant processing cattle, sheep and pigs reared by local stock producers on the Isle of Man.


Isle of Man Meats is dedicated to the highest standards of Animal Welfare and has several members of staff that are trained Animal Welfare Officers. The geographical nature of the Island means livestock travel very short stress free distances to the plant.

The biggest asset we have is our highly skilled workforce that are proud of the product we produce. Isle of Man Meats provides a continuous development training programme and has future plans to run a training academy at the plant.

“Quality through the Pride and Passion of a Workforce”

Our Aim

To work close with our customers at developing a working partnership that builds business through consistency in product quality. Produce meat in a food safe hygienic working environment. To be engaged with our customers in product development and marketing.

sr and farm


To engage with farmers and continually develop our production process from the farm to the finished product. We are driven by providing meat to our customers that delivers value for money through an excellent quality eating experience.

farmers winners


Isle of Man Meats Fatstock show winners 2014

£2million refurbishment

The Isle of Man Government have just invested over £2 million in a complete re-furbishment of the plant.

This includes updates to the laraige to improve animal welfare and new state of the art equipment in the abattoir to enhance microbiological stands and efficiency.

The Plant has a complete new chiller and boiler plants, both with over 100% redundancy built in for further expansion and backup.

Plans are underway to bring the deboning and packing area up to date with the rest of the plant. The net result will be a Meat Plant capable of producing the highest quality meat possible, something families and businesses when purchasing Manx meat can be proud of.

The new plant will enable us to target high end quality markets in the UK that are looking for something special to market. Our Manx Meat has the pedigree of quality and traceability.